ERP Software Development Services & Solutions

Don't you want your ERP software to be seamlessly integrated with your business practices without any unpleasant surprises?

At D&K Group our customized ERP solutions are built around the current procedures of the organization. We currently have specially designed CRM modules for managing customer relations- in the form of managing marketing campaigns, tracking of customer complaints and requests, service management, mail management and customer support systems.

We understand that there cannot be a one-size-fits-all system for an ERP solution, understanding the requirements first-hand, we create a harmoniously balanced mix of in-house and customized ERP solution for our clients.

At D&K Group, our team of professional and dedicated software coders is always on call for any kind of exigency you face. We don't only prepare an ERP solution for you, we ensure that it adds value to your organization.

erp software Consulting

Software Consulting Services At D&K Group Help Modern-Day Enterprise To Keep Pace With Rapidly Changing Market Demands & Technology Trends.