Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Solutions

There has been an explosion in population growth throughout the world. All of these people need to be provided with food, clothing, shelter, electricity, education and healthcare. Accordingly, organizations providing the same have to be using the latest technology to cope up with the rising demand for goods and services and to provide the best services to their customers. For this Radio Frequency identification (RFID) solutions technology has been at the forefront across the world for helping organizations deploy their resources efficiently.

RFID is a technology that transmits data both ways from an RFID tag to a RFID reader as and when needed. This dual mode of communication opens up immense possibilities with which we can use the technology.

rfid software System

We offer rfid solution for save time on management system with smart card based technology.

RFID vs. Barcode scanning/ Integrated Chip/ magnetic swipe card

It is a quick, cheap and easily implementable technology which does not require physical sight or contact between the RFID reader and the tag.

The RFID tag is small and can fit in anywhere - either be embedded in a card, wallet, key chain or other surfaces. It is even embedded into farm and other Animals to track their health.

RFIDs can be read in multiples Whereas bar codes, IC cards and magnetic swipe cards can be read only one at a time. IC/ Magnetic swipe cards are known to be less secure and details on it can be copied for fraud or illegal purposes. On the other hand, RFID readers extremely secure, displaying only that information for which it is programmed to display.

Throughout the world, there have been newer ways in which we can use RFID Technology. From applications in warehouses, where each box is affixed with a RFID tag to sophisticated data being embedded into RFID tags for the automotive and aviation industry, RFID is everywhere.


A RFID tag is incredibly cheap, with the prices ranging from $0.5 to $5 maximum. The RFID reader is also relatively inexpensive and the entire architecture can be easily implemented in any organization.

Although the benefits of implementing such a system are much more than the reasons for continuing with old legacy systems, many organizations do not want to disturb the status quo as they fear the time they have to make the switch will be messy. It is worth noting that organizations who have implemented the system have seen great benefits than those who have continued with their old systems.

We at D&K Group understand your reluctance for implementing this new system. We can assure you that RFID technology can be implemented easily with minimal disturbance to the current system. In many cases, especially for public sector and governmental organizations implementing RFID just means issuing newer RFID tags and investing in new RFID solutions readers while training the staff to use the system.

We are sure that an increasing number of organizations are interested in implementing RFID solutions technology into their systems. At D&K Group our main aim is to help such companies fulfill their targets.