Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Solutions

With the demands of goods and services, there came a big wave of manufacturing and production industries. Several industries try to maintain their dominance in the market by satisfying their needs.

In such a large scale of production and maintaining the inventory, the Radio Frequency Identification system came into use. The system enables the dual-mode of communication. The RFID system works in two methods RFID Tags and RFID readers.

rfid software System

We offer rfid solution for save time on management system with smart card based technology.

RFID vs. Barcode scanning/ Integrated Chip/ magnetic swipe card

The System is quick, Affordable, and Easy to implement; the system does not require physical appearance or Contact. RFID Reader can read the RFID Tags from a quiet distance or according to RFID Frequency Range that enables the system to collect data by scanning these tags.

The RFID Tags are small in size and can be fit anywhere on the products, while the Barcode, IC Cards, or Magnetic Swipe card can be read once at a time. IC and Magnetic Swipe cards are less secured than RFID Tags which simply looks like a Sticker or Price tags. The RFID tags are programmed for displaying specific information only relating to a product.

In most sectors of manufacturing industries that concerns with products and goods; RFID is the most effective and cost-cutting technology to track products and get their information. Not only this there’re also zoologists using it to track information of animals, the exporters use it to have an eye on their exported goods, also sometimes sophisticated data embedded using RFID technique mostly in automotive and aviation industries.

Throughout the world, there have been newer ways in which we can use RFID Technology. From applications in warehouses, where each box is affixed with a RFID tag to sophisticated data being embedded into RFID tags for the automotive and aviation industry, RFID is everywhere.

How Much RFID Technology Costs?

The RFID Tags are cheaper in price, begin from 0.5 $ to 5 $ US dollars. The RFID reader is also inexpensive and the entire architecture can easily be implemented in any organization. Though it is confusing thing whether to implement the new system or continue with classic technology which mostly depends on the analysis of whether it is necessary or what benefits can it get to the organization.

We D&K Group understand this dilemma of an enterprise for implementing the technology; our experience made us conclude that this system can be implemented in the existing system with minimal disturbance.

Although, many newer organizations are implementing the RFID system; so, when the production increased in the future there won’t be much lacking in manpower and reduce the possible costs. We are here to help regarding the matter of implementing the RFID System at aspiring enterprises and we are serving our bests.

We are sure that an increasing number of organizations are interested in implementing RFID solutions technology into their systems. At D&K Group our main aim is to help such companies fulfill their targets.